Emergency Tampon Gift Box

Book Arts

3D interactive letterpress piece, designed to hold an applicator-free tampon inside. Featuring the phases of the moon.

Outside text: In case of emergency, pull open. When you pull the corners, the box opens.
Inside text: In case of current female identity, current norms are reaching an emergency state – our rights are threatened. We must all now pull together to fight, our voices raised & eyes open.
Around center: Take care of yourself • Take care of one another

Detail image of Emergency Tampon Gift Box
Emergency Tampon Gift Box
Looped short video showing the gift box unfolded and open - a hand reaches into view to remove the applicator-free tampon which is tucked into the box - camera moves closer to show the vulva-shaped interior of the box
Photo of an open gift box in front of others in the process of assembly
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