Femina Fortitudo Altar

Book Arts

Feminist altar with nestled book featuring watercolor and gold leaf details. Altar venerating living legends of feminism, with carved details and inlaid paper details , and nestled dual-accordion book A Litany of She-Saints with hand-painted watercolor and ink drawings.

Featured icons: Loretta Ross, Malala Yousafzai, Patti Smith, Ai Jen Poo, Margaret Crane, Alice Walker, Pussy Riot, Gloria Anzaldúa.

Detail image of Femina Fortitudo Altar
Femina Fortitudo Altar w accordion A Litany of She-Saints
Photo of closed altar piece standing on table - hinges visible at left edge - double doors with gold leaf and carving detail of a vulva
Photo of open altar standing on table - inlaid paper on left and right inside doors - nestled book with Venus symbol is held in place by a burgundy ribbon
Photo of book standing open on table with book leaning against the center portion
Photo of book alone standing on table showing accordion structure with front cover visible - Venus symbol and gold rough brushed detail
Photo of accordion book stretched open standing on table - center 3 pages read "Lift Up Her Name" in calligraphy - pages to left and right show ink illustrations of faces with names in calligraphy above
Photo of pages from accordion book standing open on table - partially visible illustrations and names: Margaret Crane, Alice Walker, Pussy Riot, Gloria Andzaldua

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