TAKING(birth)CONTROL campaign

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TAKINGbirthCONTROL is a campaign begun in 2018 to educate and empower people with uteruses. It includes a 16-page zine, two broadside posters, postcards to the governor of Louisiana, and folded condom cases. Proceeds from sales were donated to the New Orleans Abortion Fund.



Letterpress-printed hand-bound zine featuring information on birth control options, and empowering messages to encourage people to get active in the fight for reproductive justice. 16 pages, 4.75″x6.75″, 3-color letterpress-printed with wood and metal type and linoleum cuts, using a Vandercook press, on Mohawk paper, and saddle-stitch bound.

Zine Process Shots

Broadside Posters

Letterpress-printed with wood and metal type using a Vandercook press on French paper.

1. “The vows of abstinence break far more often than a latex condom.” – Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Former Surgeon General

2. “The coastline of Louisiana is not eroding nearly as fast as a woman’s right to determine her own outcome.” – Kathleen Pittman, HOPE Medical Clinic Administrator

Broadside Posters Process Shots

Postcards to the Governor

Letterpress-printed postcards to the governor of Louisiana (Gov. John Bel Edwards), urging him to support comprehensive sex education for our schools. 2-sided, 2-color postcards, letterpress-printed with wood and metal type with a Chandler & Price platen press on French paper.

Postcards Process Work

Folded Condom Cases

Condom holders—for keeping a condom in your bag so you can find it easily but it won’t spill out at the coffee shop (oops!) when you reach for your keys. Letterpress-printed using wood and metal type with a Vandercook and Chandler & Price platen press on Plike paper.

Each has one of two message printed inside: “Safe is sexy & so are you!” and “Peace of mind is so hot!” The message is also printed on the container itself and abstracted by the folding technique that creates the pinwheel casing.

Condom Cases Process Work


An exhibition at Glassell Gallery in downtown Baton Rouge, LA in October, 2018 showed the book arts campaign, together with the graphic design campaign, along with informational displays about the tenuous state of reproductive rights in Louisiana.

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