TAKING(birth)CONTROL campaign

Graphic Design

TAKINGbirthCONTROL is a campaign begun in 2018 to educate and empower people with uteruses. It includes a 24″x36″ poster, a pocket guide booklet, drop cards, and a deck of playing cards. The materials are in use at a local abortion clinic.

TAKINGbirthCONTROL campaign

Pocket Guide

32 page booklet, digitally printed. Includes icon system design made from letterpress-printed linoleum cuts. All artwork, design, and copywriting by Meghan Saas.

Drop Cards

A set of info cards, each featuring detailed information about a method of birth control. Set of 12 double-sided cards at 5.5″x8.5″. Digitally printed. Featuring letterpress-printed icon designs.

Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards featuring information on birth control options and myths surrounding their use. Set of 28 double-sided cards (standard playing card dimensions). Digitally printed.


A poster featuring effectiveness rates of birth control options. 24″x36″ digitally printed. Featuring letterpress-printed icon design.

An exhibition at Glassell Gallery in downtown Baton Rouge, LA in October, 2018 showed the graphic design campaign, together with the book arts campaign, alongside information displays about the tenuous state of reproductive rights in Louisiana.

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