Applied Typography

Art 4527 (LSU)

ART 4527 is the second typography course for graphic design majors at LSU, usually taken in the third year of the BFA program. During this course students gain an understanding of typography in terms of its history, application, and aesthetic considerations. Students learn how to apply typography as a communication tool in graphic design. Topics include: implementing grid systems, working with character and paragraph styles, understanding typographic accessibility in both screen and print media, and developing multi-page publications.

InDesign Exercises

Grid Exercises
Students are given unformatted text content and asked to create a gridded 2-page spread in Adobe InDesign. The exercise has progressive levels of complexity as the number of columns and rows is increased for each portion.

Grid Exercise 1 by Julia Lesage
Grid Exercise 2 by Morgan Growden
Grid Exercise 3 by Kara Jewell

Pull Quotes & Lists

Students are given unformatted text content and asked to design compelling visual page designs to experiment with pull quote and list formatting.

Pull Quotes Exercise by Ada Cochran
Pull Quotes Exercise by Julia Lesage
Lists Exercise by Ada Cochran
Lists Exercise by Anna Claire StCyr
Lists Exercise by Julia Lesage

Information Hierarchy

Students are given unformatted text content and asked to assign a clear visual hierarchy utilizing Adobe InDesign Paragraph & Character Styles.

Info Hierarchy Exercise by Morgan Growden

Info Hierarchy Exercise by Kara Jewell

Anatomy Poster Project

Students are challenged to create an 11×17 in. poster featuring typographic anatomy terms and concepts. In the process, they learn the terminology, work with a tricky information hierarchy, and create a compelling visual design.

Type Anatomy Poster by Ada Cochran
Type Anatomy Poster by Robert Nguyen
Type Anatomy Poster by Alyssa Kim
Type Anatomy Poster by Mem Smelser
Type Anatomy Poster by Angela Nguyen

AIGA Get Out the Vote Poster Project

Students participate in the AIGA call for posters to inspire voters to get to the polls for the 2020 election. They identify a specific target audience and work to create original imagery and a clear call to action.

AIGA GOTV Poster by Allyson Smith
AIGA GOTV Poster by Anna Claire StCyr
AIGA GOTV Poster by Julia Lesage

Travel Guide Book Project

Students choose a location and design a guidebook for visitors. They analyze the audience (who is traveling there?) and research points of interest (what should their audience do there?). Using Adobe InDesign, they work in a gridded layout of their own design and apply Paragraph and Character styles throughout.

Travel Guide Book by Robert Nguyen
Travel Guide Book by Anna Claire StCyr

Font Design Project

Students select a specific point of inspiration and design a font from scratch. The project has two portions: a clean presentation of at least 14 characters (covering four categories of form—straight, curved, angled, straight+curved), and a creative display of their designed characters in any format they choose.

Font Design by Faurie Ferchaud
Font Design by Trent Bult
Font Design Creative Display by MaiVy Madden
Font Design Creative Display by Julia Lesage
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